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Correctly Configure (Pre) Connections – Harry Roberts – Web Performance Con

In the right circumstances, this simple, single line of HTML can make pages hundreds of milliseconds faster! But time and again, I see developers misconfiguring even this most basic of features. Because, as is often the case, there’s much more to this ‘basic feature’ than meets the eye.
Saved on: 2023-12-10

SPAs: theory versus practice | Read the Tea Leaves

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Single-Page Apps (SPAs) and Multi-Page Apps (MPAs). I’ve been thinking about how MPAs have improved over the years, and where SPAs still have an edge.
Saved on: 2022-06-28

Making the world’s fastest website, and other mistakes - DEV Community

I work on Kroger’s ecommerce sites for their regional chains, most of which share a codebase. You’d probably guess the front-end stack: React, Redux, and their usual symptoms of too much JavaScript. React/Redux packages used totaled 44.7 kB before any feature code.
Saved on: 2022-06-09

Optimising Largest Contentful Paint – CSS Wizardry – Web Performance Optimi

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is my favourite Core Web Vital. It’s the easiest to optimise, and it’s the only one of the three that works the exact same in the lab as it does in the field (don’t even get me started on this…).
Saved on: 2022-03-29

Learnings From a WebPageTest Session on CSS-Tricks | CSS-Tricks

I got together with Tim Kadlec from over at WebPageTest the other day to use do a bit of performance testing on CSS-Tricks. Essentially use the tool, poke around, and identify performance pain points to work on.
Saved on: 2021-07-29

Optimizing Vue for Speed, Performance, and Core Web Vitals | MattStauffer.c

Last week I gave a talk at AlpineDay entitled "From Vue to Alpine: How & Why". In the talk I shared a few situations in which I've moved applications that were previously using Vue to use Alpine instead, for the sake of Google's Core Web Vitals.
Saved on: 2021-06-24

Making faster: Part 1 | by Glenn Conner | Instagram Engineeri

In recent years, has seen a lot of changes — we’ve launched stories, filters, creation tools, notifications, and direct messaging as well as myriad other features and enhancements.
Saved on: 2021-06-07

Core Web Vitals Tracking via GA4, BigQuery and Google Data Studio

This article includes full instructions to set up my (Tony McCreath) Core Web Vitals report using your users Core Web Vitals experience on your website. Set up is via Google Analytics 4 (gtag or GTM), BigQuery and Google Data Studio. At Google I/O 2021 the web.
Saved on: 2021-06-01

Links on Performance | CSS-Tricks

DataStax Astra — Open, multi-cloud stack for modern apps Making GitHub’s new homepage fast and performant — Tobias Ahlin describes how the scrolling effects are done more performantly thanks to IntersectionObserver and the fact that it avoids the use of methods that trigger reflows, like getBo
Saved on: 2021-05-25

Find N 1 problems instantly by disabling lazy loading | Laravel News

Strict about preventing N+1 query problems? @themsaid's recent contribution to the framework allows you to disable lazy loading entirely (exception will be thrown)... Can disable it only on non-production so production doesn't crash if one slips through! 💅
Saved on: 2021-05-22

Lightning-Fast Web Performance: an online lecture series from Scott Jehl

Lightning-Fast Web Performance has a new home! Updated for 2022, the course remains free to view on the WebPageTest site thanks to Catchpoint.
Saved on: 2021-05-20

The Humble Element And Core Web Vitals — Smashing Magazine

26 min read Performance, User Experience, Core Web Vitals, Next.js, Media Share on Twitter, LinkedIn Quick summary ↬ Images have also been a key part of the web. They communicate ideas instantly, but they are also a lot heavier than text to load.
Saved on: 2021-04-30

The Almost-Complete Guide to Cumulative Layout Shift

The Almost-Complete Guide to Cumulative Layout Shift Confession Time: I don’t care about the Core Web Vitals (CWV) update. # For those who don’t know but still read my blog (hi, mom), here’s the quick rundown.
Saved on: 2021-04-20

100ms -> 40ms -> 1ms: Maximizing response caching in Laravel | Samuel Štanc

How to take (some) response times from 100ms to 40ms to 1ms. All the tactics below are based on my site — deployed on Laravel Vapor. The site has a landing page, pricing page, docs pages (Laravel-powered), and a user dashboard.
Saved on: 2021-03-17

Debugging layout shifts

Learn how to identify and fix layout shifts. The first part of this article discusses tooling for debugging layout shifts, while the second part discusses the thought process to use when identifying the cause of a layout shift.
Saved on: 2021-03-15

How CLS optimizations increased Yahoo! JAPAN News's page views per session

Optimizing CLS by 0.2 led to a 15% increase in page views per session, 13% longer session durations, and a 1.72 percentage point decrease in bounce rate. Yahoo! JAPAN is one of the largest media companies in Japan, providing over 79 billion page views per month.
Saved on: 2021-03-10

content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering perform

Improve initial load time by skipping the rendering of offscreen content. The content-visibility property, launching in Chromium 85, might be one of the most impactful new CSS properties for improving page load performance.
Saved on: 2021-03-08

How We Improved SmashingMag Performance — Smashing Magazine

33 min read Smashing, Optimization, Performance, Case Studies, Core Web Vitals Saved for offline reading Share on Twitter, LinkedIn In this article, we’ll take a close look at some of the changes we made on this very site — running on JAMStack with React — to optimize the web performance and
Saved on: 2021-01-22

Maximally optimizing image loading for the web in 2021

Sara Soueidan said: Maximally optimizing image loading for the web in 2021 by @cramforce Loads of great #performance tips in there, some I didn’t know of before (like the `decoding` attribute 😯) Thread Sebastien Lorber 🇫🇷 said: TIL there's a "decoding" attr in html image in this post fro
Saved on: 2021-01-20

Site-Speed Topography – CSS Wizardry – Web Performance Optimisation

A couple of years ago, my first few days on a new web performance project were always slow going. So many false starts, tedious workflows, and a complete lack of efficiency really made it difficult for me to find momentum.
Saved on: 2020-11-04

Faster Web App Delivery with PRPL

PRPL is a pattern for structuring and serving web applications and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with an emphasis on improved app delivery and launch performance. The letters describe a set of ordered steps for fast, reliable, efficient loading:
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2020-10-19

Tuning Your Apache Server | Linode

Apache configuration has a major affect on your Linode’s performance. The easiest way to increase server performance is to turn off unneeded modules. This guide covers Apache modules, information on which modules to turn off, and other Apache performance tuning options.
Saved on: 2020-09-29

Apache2 and php fpm performance optimization — Step-by-step guide | by Seba

I had to handle high traffic loads in my career and I fought with down-time, not used memory and a lot of trouble in my past. In this article I want to give a step-by-step guide to apache2 performance settings, which is a concentrated result of a lot of reading and trying.
Saved on: 2020-09-29

The Ultimate Guide to Web Performance 🚀

There's so many ways to speed up your site. Don't you wish every web performance tip was in one place? That's what I thought too, so I put them all in one place: this post. Use this guide as a reference.
Saved on: 2020-09-25

A high-performance blog template for 11ty

Awais said: ✍️ Well, this is fantastic. A free high-performance 11ty Blog template by Google mostly @cramforce, @mathias, and of course @zachleat. Lots of interesting web perf practices in the code — that's all FOSS (Free & Open Source Software). Have at it.
Saved on: 2020-09-07

A tale of webpage speed, or throwing away React

Back in 2011, I happened to get a job writing Backbone.js app. If you never did that, don’t. I was complaining about difficulties with composition left and right to whoever would listen. As I started digging into alternatives for the front-end, I discovered FRP and Flapjax, and ClojureScript.
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2020-08-24

How We Achieve 90 Lighthouse Performance Score and Fully Offline Mode for

DANA Home Shopping is one of the key features that DANA provides to make us more convenience to buy stuff we want from our home without going anywhere. We can order via Whatsapp and pay it using QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard).
Saved on: 2020-07-08

The Fastest Google Fonts – CSS Wizardry – Web Performance Optimisation

For the most part, web fonts nowadays are faster than ever. With more standardised FOUT/FOIT behaviour from browser vendors, to the newer font-display specification, performance—and therefore the user—seems to have been finally been put front-and-centre.
Saved on: 2020-05-20

Performant front-end architecture

This post describes some techniques to make front-end apps load faster and provide a good user experience. We'll look at the overall architecture of the front-end. How can you load essential resources first, and maximize the probability that the resources are already in the cache?
Saved on: 2020-02-10

JoliCode - Battle log: a deep dive in Symfony stack in search of optimizati

Lecture : 8 min. My team and I are working on a big project that is becoming bigger and bigger. Split in micro services, each end-user call generates an increasing number of HTTP API calls.
Saved on: 2020-01-20

DarkGhostHunter/Preloader: Preloader helper to create a PHP-ready preload s

Get the best options to keep your application fast as ever, with just one line. This package generates a PHP preloading script from your Opcache statistics automatically. No need to hack your way in.
Saved on: 2020-01-15

Front-End Performance Checklist 2020 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word] — Smashing

114 min read Performance, Service Workers, Checklists Share on Twitter or LinkedIn Let’s make 2020… fast! An annual front-end performance checklist (PDF/Apple Pages/MS Word), with everything you need to know to create fast experiences on the web today. Updated since 2016.
Saved on: 2020-01-07

Fast load times

Techniques for improving site performance. When you're building a modern web experience, it's important to measure, optimize, and monitor if you're to get fast and stay fast.
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2019-12-09

The Ethics of Web Performance - Web Performance Consulting |

One question I’ve seen posed a few times in the past several months is whether performance really is a moral or ethical concern, or if that’s all heavy-handed exaggeration. It’s a fair question, I suppose.
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2019-08-01

The Simplest Way to Load CSS Asynchronously | Filament Group, Inc.

One of the most impactful things we can do to improve page performance and resilience is to load CSS in a way that does not delay page rendering.
Saved on: 2019-07-24

The Three Types of Performance Testing – CSS Wizardry – CSS Architecture, W

A lot of companies—even if they are aware that performance is key to their business—are often unsure of how, when, or where performance testing sits within their development lifecycle.
Saved on: 2019-07-15

Preloading in PHP 7.4

Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster. Start your free 14-day trial today. With PHP 7.4, support for preloading was added, a feature that could improve the performance of your code significantly.
Saved on: 2019-07-04

Extract critical CSS  |

Learn how to improve render times with critical CSS technique. The browser must download and parse CSS files before it can show the page, which makes CSS a render-blocking resource.
Saved on: 2019-06-05

Laravel: 12 tips to optimize performance - FrontNet Blog

Since appearing in 2011, Laravel has become a very popular option to develop business-focused applications including information management systems (often referred to as business information management systems). and e-commerce platform.
Saved on: 2019-04-11

How we built the fastest conference website in the world

This is a post by JSConf EU Organiser Malte Ubl.
Saved on: 2019-03-20

High Volume Tuning PHP FPM on nginx : PHP
Saved on: 2019-02-27 - JavaScript Loading Priorities in Chrome

How browsers schedule and execute scripts can impact the performance of web pages. While techniques like <script defer>, <link rel=preload> (and others) influence script loading, knowing how browsers interpret them can also be helpful.
Saved on: 2019-02-21

Front-End Performance Checklist 2019 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word] — Smashing

178 min read Performance, Debugging, CSS, JavaScript, PDF, Checklists, Guides, Core Web Vitals Saved for offline reading Share on Twitter, LinkedIn Let’s make 2021… fast! An annual front-end performance checklist (available as PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word), with everything you need to know to crea
Saved on: 2019-01-10

A Beginner's Guide to Scaling to 11 Million+ Users on Amazon's AWS

How do you scale a system from one user to more than 11 million users? Joel Williams, Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect, gives an excellent talk on just that subject: AWS re:Invent 2015 Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users.
Saved on: 2018-12-26

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Saved on: 2018-11-30

PHP Code Performance Explained - Blackfire Continuous Performance Testing
Saved on: 2018-11-27

Up to speed with web performance

On Thursday and Friday I learned all sorts of things about making sites faster at the conference in Amsterdam. I frantically took notes at each talk, so here’s my summary of the event.
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2018-11-22

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Saved on: 2018-11-13

Web Performance 101

This is an introduction to modern web loading performance. Learn why performance is important, what performance optimizations exist, and which tools can help you understand if your app is performing well.
Saved on: 2018-10-30


Performance is a huge subject, but it's not always a "back-end" or an "admin" subject: it's a Front-End responsibility too.
Saved on: 2018-08-30

Web Performance Made Easy: Google I/O 2018 edition

We've been pretty busy over the past year trying to figure out how to make the Web faster and more performant. This led to new tools, approaches and libraries that we’d like share with you in this article.
Saved on: 2018-08-22

The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018 – Addy Osmani – Medium

Update: The Cost Of JavaScript In 2019 is now available to read. Building interactive sites can involve sending JavaScript to your users. Often, too much of it. Have you been on a mobile page that looked like it had loaded only to tap on a link or tried to scroll and nothing happens?
Saved on: 2018-08-03

Developing at Full Speed with Xdebug | Juan Treminio - Dallas based senior

Docker for Mac is very slow. It is so slow that I purchased a new Dell XPS laptop and for the first time in 6 years am now using a non-MacOS (Fedora) machine as my daily driver.
Saved on: 2018-07-30

Delivering WordPress in 7KB | CSS-Tricks

Over the past six months, I’ve become increasingly interested in the topic of web sustainability. The carbon footprint of the Internet was not something I used to give much thought to, which is surprising considering my interest in environmental issues and the fact that my profession is web-based.
Saved on: 2018-07-12

15 Experts Share Their Web Performance Advice for 2018

A couple of years ago we reached out to a number of web performance experts in the community and asked them two questions about which performance tip they would recommend focussing on and what are some common performance mistakes.
Saved on: 2018-06-08

PHP-FPM: Process Management | Servers for Hackers

Learn how to manage how PHP-FPM creates and uses PHP processes to get the most out of your server.I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 in this video: # See the version used.
Saved on: 2018-06-01

(8) Improving page performance with Chrome DevTools - YouTube

Modern DevTools Lesson 13
Saved on: 2018-03-22

Make your Laravel App Fly with PHP OPcache – Appstract – Medium

Every time you execute a PHP script, the script needs to be compiled to byte code. OPcache leverages a cache for this bytecode, so the next time the same script is requested, it doesn’t have to recompile it.
Saved on: 2018-03-10

The Cost Of JavaScript – Dev Channel – Medium

As we build sites more heavily reliant on JavaScript, we sometimes pay for what we send down in ways that we can’t always easily see. In this post, I’ll cover why a little discipline can help if you’d like your site to load & be interactive quickly on mobile devices.
Saved on: 2017-11-17

JavaScript Start-up Performance – reloading – Medium

Update: The Cost Of JavaScript In 2019 is now available to read. As web developers, we know how easy it is to end up with web page bloat. But loading a webpage is much more than shipping bytes down the wire.
Saved on: 2017-10-30

Can You Afford It?: Real-world Web Performance Budgets

TL;DR: performance budgets are an essential but under-appreciated part of product success and team health. Most partners we work with are not aware of the real-world operating environment and make inappropriate technology choices as a result.
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2017-10-28

Stitcher 1.0

Scout APM helps PHP developers pinpoint N+1 queries, memory leaks & more so you can troubleshoot fast & get back to coding faster. Start your free 14-day trial today. Let's just dive right in.
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2017-10-23

100/100 su Pagespeed Insights con il tuo sito Wordpress

Come promesso, ecco la guida su come mettere il turbo al proprio sito web ed ottenere il punteggio massimo sul famigerato tool Google Pagespeed Insights. Ottimizzare il vostro sito migliorerà notevolmente la velocità di caricamento e di conseguenza la user experience.
Tags: #performance
Saved on: 2017-10-17

Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medi

Overview: We recently rethought the architecture for the JavaScript side of our codebase at Airbnb. This post will look at (1) the product drivers that precipitated the changes, (2) the steps we took to move away from our legacy Rails solutions, and (3) some of the key pillars of the new stack.
Saved on: 2017-05-16