Simone Magnaschi
Senior Full Stack Web Dev

World Beat

Year: 2017
Demo: Url


Eugenio Tacchini is a good and brilliant friend of mine. During a Music Hack Day in Berlin in 2017 he presented a prototype of a system that could determine the mood of a territory by analyzing music related tweets in real time. The prototype was rough and without a proper UX, so afterwards he asked me to design a user interface for his project. I was willing to help so I created a series of iterations until a satisfactory result was met.

The result is a dark sci-fi inspired interface that tries to organize the space in such a way as to give the right importance to the amount of data processed by the application in real time.

Other projects

Convert Spotify Urls to Apple Music

A minimal GUI utility to convert Spotify Music catalog entities to Apple Music.
Year: 2020

Wod Of Death

A WOD generator for crossfit lovers.
Tags: #VUE-JS
Year: 2018

DaDaBIK 8 - Lerici - UI

A UX / UI refactoring effort for a well known PHP database front end / CRUD generator software
Tags: #CSS #JS
Year: 2017

When you're feeling down and lonely

A silly project involving looping youtube movie clips and funny sounds.
Tags: #JS #Youtube api
Year: 2016

Mentor.FM: the same beat

A social interaction project for music lovers who have similar taste.
Tags: #JS #Frontend
Year: 2015


A gui for an HTML5 music player entirely made by ASCII chars.
Tags: #JS #Soundcloud #MusiXmatch
Year: 2013