Simone Magnaschi
Senior Full Stack Web Dev

Mentor.FM: the same beat

Year: 2015


Mentor.FM is a personalized music recommendation system; it has the peculiar feature that, like a radio, you can not select the songs to listen, but the systems produces playlists that are always different and customized according to your musical taste (through your Deezer and Facebook profile).

Eugenio Tacchini the creator of Mentor, with whom I worked for this and this , wanted to create a system to relate Mentor.FM users on the correspondence of mutual musical tastes.

So I built a front end that communicated with custom APIs built specifically to make user interaction possible.


I developed the frontend bravely in vanilla javascript using only jQuery for DOM manipulation and asynchronous calls, I avoided frameworks for pure masochism .. :)

The application retrieves data from the backend of Mentor.FM, allows interaction between users of the platform allowing them to get in touch, dedicate songs and find out concerts to go to together.

It has a multi-language component that can handle the frontend in Italian and English. The module has been built to be usable both server side and client side, so it is possible to manage the translations at during SSR or within javascript components managed clientside by the frontend.

It is a fairly standard frontend application that wasn't so easy to put together in pure vanilla js (god bless React, VueJs or similar libraries...).

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